Take Your Relationships from Special to Holy…

In this four-session FREE series,
join Craig Villarrubia and Mighty Companions, Kirsten Buxton and Cindy Lora-Renard as they share and extend principles of A Course in Miracles
that dissolve the appearances of separation in relationships.

Class Format:

Session 1

Facilitated by Craig Villarrubia and Kirsten Buxton, this session will cover the foundation and purpose of relationship. Kirsten will share insights from her experience and share parables from her upcoming book “I Married a Mystic.” 

Session 2

In this gathering, Craig Villarrubia will lead us through key principles discussed in A Course in Miracles’ Chapter 17 FORGIVENESS AND THE HOLY RELATIONSHIP. THEME: The Son of God Cannot Be Betrayed

Session 3

Facilitated by Craig Villarrubia, this session will be an extension of Session 2 (ACIM Chapter 17) and focus on ACIM inspired teachings. THEME: Fantasy Making and Story Telling

Session 4

Guest Cindy Lora-Renard will join Craig Villarrubia for an inspired discussion about A Course in Miracles and the rewards of applying its principles in her relationships. There will be time for Q&A.

What you get:

  • Video recordings of all 4 sessions
  • Wisdom and Resources galore!
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